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Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Eastgate WA

Eastgate is one of the census designated states in Washington, which is surrounded by the city Bellevue. There are many residences situated in this state which use carpets to decorate their homes. There are many carpet manufacturers in Eastgate, which provide various services related to the carpets. It is very important to keep the carpets clean, as untidy carpets may lead to various kinds of health related problems. There are many carpet cleaners available in Eastgate which provide such kind of services to the people. Also, there are various types of carpet cleaning procedures, viz steam cleaning method, carpet shampoo method, carpet absorbent cleaner method, and bonnet cleaning method. Let us discuss about each one of them in detail.

Carpet Shampoo Method

In this method of carpet cleaning, foam is created inside the carpet. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used in most of the cases to create stable and high foam in the carpet. The foam is then allowed to dry. The residue that is obtained helps in the attraction of soil. There is extraction of the soil and residue the following day with the help of vacuum. The process of cleaning the carpet is performed with the help of either Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine or Rotary Shampoo machine. In case of Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine, an air compressor is used for creating dry foam, before applying the foam on the carpet. A revolving cylindrical brush is then used to clean the carpet, thus combing the foam all the way through the carpet pile. The dirt would be trapped inside the carpet pile. It is very important to vacuum the carpet in a thorough manner before the cleaning process and after the cleaning process. In case of rotary method of cleaning the carpet, a dispensing tank of the rotary floor machine is used to spray the shampoo on the carpet. The detergent is then fluffed up in the form of foam with the help of rotary brush. This method of carpet cleaning is not preferred much due to the problem of overwetting, which may damage the carpet and cause odor.

Carpet Absorbent Cleaner method

Carpet Absorbent Cleaner method is called as dry cleaning method, because of the virtual absence of the use of water. Dry absorbent compound, composed of solvent, detergent and little water, is sprinkled on the carpet. The soil is then absorbed by the cleaning method. A brush with mechanical agitation is used to clean the carpet. It is very important to vacuum the carpet in a thorough manner before the cleaning process and after the cleaning process. The major advantage of this method is that no time for drying is taken due to very minimal amount of water used in the process of cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning method

Bonnet cleaning method of cleaning is also called as carbonated method of cleaning, which involves the use of hard floor spray on the carpet. An oscillating or rotary brush is used to drive damp, wet or dry pads. A cleaning solution is used to spray on the carpet. Alternatively, one can soak the pads in the cleansing solution and then place the pads below the driving brush, by squeezing the pads lightly. In order to bring down the pH level and have better suspension of soil, carbonated water is used at times.

Steam cleaning method

The steam cleaning method of carpets is also called as “warm water extraction” and “hot water extraction”. The truck mounted method of steam extraction is used in this method of carpet cleaning. Deep cleansing is done in this method of carpet cleaning. The soil which is embedded deep inside the caret is cleaned with the help of this method of carpet cleaning. It is a very effective method of carpet cleaning which does not leave large amount of detergents in the carpet. The dirt is forced to come out of the carpet with the help of fine spray of water. The vacuum sucks the soil and water in the holding tank after the solution of detergent and water is sprayed on the carpet. A truck mounted unit stays outside the home. The floor tool and the hose are brought inside the home to perform the cleaning process. Dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside the home, thus making it a very safe method of cleaning, as the dirt is not circulated inside the home. This truck mounted method of steam cleaning is very good and effective method of carpet cleaning.